You're my fairytale Karen ∞ 17

I love my girlfriend Karen with all my heart.
I belong to her, I'm hers, she's mine, she belongs to me. Forever ∞171012∞

I want to broke the distance between us.

Honey I want a fairytale with you for the rest of our lifes because I can't imagine it without you, I imagine being with you for everything. My princess you gave me what no one could ever give me, you love me like anyone do it and that reason is why you drive me crazy, you love me the way I am and nothing else matters. You are my half, so I can't live if you're not by my side, I need you forever baby. You're my everything, without you I couldn't live. I need you forever. Don't forget it my angel. TE AMOOOO MI VIDA APESTOSITA <3!!

♥︎ MY WIFE ♥︎

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This is my absolute favorite picture of us.



de onde é isso?


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